Dedicated to Corporate Purpose & ESG

The new frontier for Sustainability

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”
Seneca –

64 AD Roman Stoic Philosopher

Who We Are

Global Research Institute

Pushing the boundaries of Corporate
Purpose & ESG

The VeriStell Institute is a globally focused Not-For-Profit – a Think Tank dedicated to MAINSTREAMING new Corporate frontiers for Sustainability and publishing consensus positions – recognized worldwide. Corporations positively impacting society and driving Competitiveness. The VeriStell Institute leads global projects that enable the adoption of the Sustainability agenda in the Corporate Sector – providing BLUEPRINTS for meaningful action in partnership with others.

A Not-For-Profit affiliated with Goodman
Sustainability Group

We encourage organizations to ADOPT at least one of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals – within the framework of their Corporate Purpose Statements.

Board of Directors

Derek Purchase

Chairman – VeriStell Institute, former Sr. Audit Partner EY, Chief Development Officer, Goodman Sustainability Group

Glen Hodgson

Former Chief Economist – Conference Board of Canada C.D. Howe Institute Fellow

Faith Goodman

CEO Goodman Sustainability Group, Founder and Director VeriStell Institute, Founder and Director UTLC

Janet Ecker

President at Kilwaughter Consulting, Former Minister of Finance at the Government of Ontario, Former President and CEO of Toronto Financial Services Alliance


Peter van Dijk

Former Senior Vice President, TD Bank, Former Partner, PwC C.D. Howe Fellow, Global Risk Institute Fellow

Keith Robson

Former President of Canadian Institute of Corporate Directors

Geoffrey Rowan

Former Partner & Founding Managing Director, Ketchum Public Relations, Former Reporter, Globe and Mail

What We Do

The VeriStell Institute is a global forum where CEOs, Board Directors and Leaders come to find leading thinking and foresight on the issues of ESG and Corporate Social Purpose.

We provide leadership in Research, Advocacy, Best Practices Development, Publications, Projects, Thought Leadership, Conferences, Media, Teaching and Outreach.

Our goal is to enable corporate entities to embrace ESG and Corporate Purpose (and its new incarnations over time) – aligned with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Corporations will have the tools and protocols to concurrently deliver shareholder value and partner with civil society to address the world’s pressing societal issues.

Our Key Competencies

We work with multiple Stakeholders globally including businesses, governments, multilateral organizations, civil society, community groups, NGOs, academics, Indigenous Communities and charities.

Research and Data Analysis

Social Impact and benchmarking evaluation
models for successful enterprises.

Social Purpose Discovery Lab

In concert with others, we have engineered a unique and proven model to determine best
fit and align a company’s Social Purpose with
their organization’s DNA and might.


Demonstrating how and why business
can and will become more competitive by
embracing ESG and Corporate Social

Competitive Advantage -
Leadership Networks

Forum for CEOs, Boards, Leaders to
network through events, education,
alliances, publications

Benchmarking and
Consensus Models

Convening leading academic, civil society
and business researchers/Thought Leaders
to develop and distribute consensus

Sectoral Approach

Research and analysis on global Sector
specific protocols.


December 3, 2020

The Walrus & VeriStell Institute Presents: Board and C-Suite Global Forum on ESG & Corporate Purpose

Global CEO Summit hosted by VeriStell Institute
and The Walrus

VeriStell Institute The Walrus

November 30, 2020

Launch of Canadian Corporate Purpose Lab

Established to develop a globally recognized framework and protocol
for Corporate Purpose (Partner announcements coming soon).